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Sudbury letters: Stupid lawsuits, no 911 service

Sudbury Star

Ford’s lawsuits stupid

Doug Ford won the provincial election. No doubt about that. And he said he would get rid of cap and trade. So sure, he’s done what he said he would do. Big deal.

It’s worth noting, however, that Ford only got the vote of 40 per cent of the 58 per cent of eligible voters who voted. It’s a bit like how Donald Trump won the American presidency, but lost the popular vote by three million. Ford’s mandate is a product of our electoral system, not an overwhelming endorsement by the electorate.

That said, I’m not unhappy with the end of the cap and trade system and the beginning of a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend system under the federal government. What I am unhappy about is Ford wasting my hard-earned money on stupid lawsuits with the feds over carbon pricing, which most economists view as critical to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Elaine Blacklock


No 911 for these homeowners

When we face an emergency, we all know to dial 911 for help. I taught our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to dial 911 for help. However, 911 was removed from our landline without notification. When an emergency arose in our household, 911 was called and this recording came on the line: “You do not have 911 service.”

Most residences on our street in Cascadden Township (on Windy Lake) have 911 service. However, the last three residences, including ours, do not. I have contacted Bell Canada, every Ministry in Ontario, every government representative, every emergency contact, etc. over the past two years in regards to this problem, but to no avail.

It has been confirmed that there are many other areas in Ontario without this service. All Ontarians expect and deserve access to 911 service throughout the province.

At this time we are distributing a petition to be presented to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario through our MPP, France Gelinas. It asks the government “to provide 911 emergency response everywhere in Ontario by land line and cellphone.”

For the security and welfare of all Ontarians, sign this petition or, if not available to you, please send a letter or email to France Gelinas supporting this petition.

Helena Shepherd-Snider

Windy Lake

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