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Hulu to start showing ads during pause breaks this spring

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Hulu is set to show you ads from popular brands when you hit pause during a binge. According to the streamer, the static promos will start appearing in the spring for select shows and movies. Unlike traditional TV ad breaks that interrupt your viewing, Hulu says its new ads are designed to be “non-intrusive.” They’ll also carry messaging that’s relevant to a pause break, starting with ads from Coca-Cola and toilet-paper brand Charmin (pictured above). Because, let’s face it, you’re probably stepping away from The Handmaid’s Tale to grab a bite or to visit the john.

Hulu claims the “delightful” new ads were a hit with customers during testing. What it didn’t reveal is what tier it’s adding the promos to. We’re guessing people probably won’t be thrilled if it’s anything other than the basic tier that already comes with ads. But when you’re discounting prices to one-up Netflix, you’ve got to make up for it elsewhere, right?

The ads were first outed in a Variety report last month, which added that AT&T is also planning something similar for one of its streaming services. If they take off, they may wind up on a lot more platforms, especially as the streaming wars see competing services pushing for cheaper subscriptions.

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