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Deputy mayor one of most frugal spenders to win a seat

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Candidates spent almost $200.000 on their campaigns in the 2018 municipal election in North Bay, according to figures released by the city Monday.

Financial statements filed by the five mayoral candidates and 26 candidates for a chair on council were required to be filed with the city clerk’s office by March 29.

Incumbent Al McDonald spent the biggest chunk of change in being returned to the mayor’s chair for a third term with council.

McDonald’s campaign spent $34,275.23 to win re-election. He said this term will be his last on council.

Challenger Gary Gardiner spent $27,010, while former deputy mayor Sheldon Forgette, who placed third in the race, spent $24,128.26.

Mike Guillemette, who withdrew from the race, spent $899.19, while William Boissoin spent $100.

Mayoral candidates had a spending limit of $39,181.20 for their campaigns.

On the council side of the ledger, Dave Mendicino, in a successful bid to regain his council seat, spent $17,150, while incumbent Chris Mayne came in second at $15,040.44.

Johanne Brousseau spent $6,735.66 to win a seat on council, while incumbent Mac Bain spent $4,372.71 and fellow incumbent Mike Anthony put out $3,771.

Rounding out the successful candidates were Mark King, $2,887.92, Scott Robertson, $1,935.94, deputy mayor Tanya Vrebosch, with $1,120.43, Bill Vrebosch at $1,107.26, and Marcus Tignanelli, who spent $832.40 to win a seat.

Among unsuccessful candidates, Peter Gregory spent the most on his campaign, putting $9,865.75 on the line for a council seat, followed by incumbent Derek Shogren, at $9,072.81.

Neal McNamara spent $5,123.60 on his campaign, with Don Rennick at $4,542.64 and Miles Peters at $3,635.07.

David Thompson spent $2,889.58,Ed Valenti spent $2,748.72, incumbent Jeff Serran spent $1,607.49, Sylvie Hotte put out $1,415.82and Arlene Phillips spent $1,063.23.

Harvey Villneff put out $589.37, Rene Giroux spent $323.90, Cindy Ciancio spent $271.20 and Richard Cadotte spent $108.

Two councillors, incumbent George Maroosis – who finished in 11th spot – and Alz Lauziere both spent nothing on their campaigns.

The North Bay Police Association and Campaign Life Coalition also filed third-party advertiser reports for the campaign.

The police association reported total campaign expenses of $3,946.53, while the Campaign Life Coalition reported no expenses.

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