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Northern pup heals up, finds home

Sudbury Star

Doogie Howlser, a terrier pup, has found a home in Sudbury after recovering from life-saving surgery facilitated by the local SPCA. Photo supplied

Doogie Howlser has found a loving home.

The eight-month-old terrier mix travelled hundreds of kilometres to the SPCA in Sudbury earlier this winter to receive life-saving veterinary care.

His owners knew he needed help, the SPCA said, but couldn’t access the resources to treat his problem in their remote northern community.

So the pup was flown 500 kilometres south to Timmins for an initial vet assessment, and thence to Sudbury, for further care.

It turned out Doogie had a piece of fabric lodged in his digestive tract and the pup had to undergo emergency surgery to remove it.

“He arrived in our care on Jan. 18 and had his surgery the next day,” said Jen Hughes, manager of the local SPCA.

The operation cost about $1,600, and contributions were welcomed from animal lovers in the community to help cover the bill.

Doogie Howlser plays with a football toy at his new home in Sudbury. Photo supplied

Doogie was cleared by the veterinary team a couple of weeks later and placed for adoption on Feb. 4.

In part due to media coverage and images circulating online of the adorable pup, there was a lot of interest from potential takers.

“We received over 50 inquiries from people interested in Doogie,” said Hughes.

The day he was made available, “there was a lineup of about 10 potential adopters at the door,” she said.

The successful candidate, from Sudbury, couldn’t be happier.

“Doogie is taking puppy classes and is very smart,” the adopter said, through a release shared by the SPCA. “Doogie loves to play. He loves the outdoors — and my La-Z-Boy. When I get up he steals it!”

Hughes noted Doogie’s new keeper first got to know him through the agency’s Foster to Adopt program.

This allowed the candidate to “take him home for a week and ensure they were a match made in heaven.”

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