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Butler, Dudley ejected after scuffle in Game 4 News

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Jimmy Butler and Jared Dudley are ejected after a third-quarter scuffle.

NEW YORK (AP)  — Jimmy Butler and Jared Dudley were ejected Saturday in the third quarter of Game 4 between Philadelphia and Brooklyn after a scuffle that spilled into the stands.

Dudley reacted to Joel Embiid’s hard foul on Jarrett Allen, bumping the 76ers’ All-Star center. Butler then shoved Dudley from behind to start the pushing and shoving, with Ben Simmons and Dudley – who had exchanged words earlier – tumbling into the front row as referees rushed in to intervene.

After a lengthy video review, Embiid’s foul was ruled a flagrant one, and Butler and Dudley were given technicals and thrown out.

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