iFixit pulls its Galaxy Fold teardown at Samsung’s request

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The Galaxy Fold won’t make its planned launch date as Samsung looks into problems experienced by several reviewers with test units. In the meantime, the folks at iFixit did what they do best and pulled one apart, but on Thursday explained their choice to “withdraw” the teardown. While iFixit usually gets a device specifically for the purpose of pulling it apart, this one was apparently provided by a third party. Samsung then asked that “trusted partner” to have the teardown removed and iFixit — while insisting it didn’t have to — acquiesced to keep the peace.

We still don’t know exactly what Samsung might tweak before the Galaxy Fold is rescheduled for a proper retail launch, but it’s possibly that the company doesn’t want to expose problems, or any secrets before the thing is actually on sale. Either way, the teardown is out there now, and preserved in the Internet Archive if someone really wants to what a Fold test unit has inside and, perhaps more importantly, what it might lack in protection that would allow debris inside.

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