‘Clear planning’ to theft: Judge

Sudbury Star

Sudbury Courthouse

A Staples employee who stole more than $5,000 worth of electronics from the store where he worked in 2018 will be sentenced June 5.

The date for Parker Szilva was set in assignment court April 10.

Back on April 3, Szilva appeared set to receive a suspended sentence and a probation order concerning the theft, but Ontario Court Justice John Keast refused to accept the joint sentencing submission proposed to him by the Crown and defence lawyer Michael Venturi.

“I’m not satisfied with the joint submission,” Keast told the court. “I require more information. I’m ordering a full-blown pre-sentence report.”

Keast used the word “troublesome” to describe the theft and subsequent sale of the stolen merchandise.

“At first blush, this is not an appropriate and fit sentence,” he said. “I find it very difficult to understand this is an impulsive theft when there is obviously clear planning and sale of items. I don’t see where the impulsivity is at all.”

Szilva had pleaded guilty to a charge of theft over $5,000 concerning the theft of items from the store. He is also facing possession of stolen property and trafficking in stolen property charges.

The court heard that on Oct. 10 Greater Sudbury Police were contacted by officials at the Staples store in the Rio-Can Centre off The Kingsway concerning an internal theft.

The stolen items, which included two iPhone8s, several Apple watches and several Apple AirPods, had a total value of $5,336.96. The items were taken prior to Szilva being terminated on Sept. 27, after being employed for four months. Serial numbers on the iPhone8 boxes were found to be scratched off.

Police also learned that Szilva was suspected in the thefts, as he would sometimes not show up for his scheduled shifts.

When confronted by store management, Szilva gave a statement admitting to the thefts and that he had sold the items to high school friends.

Szilva, incidentally, has no prior record.

The joint submission, noted Venturi, contains a one-year probation order that includes conditions that Szilva stay out of all Staples stores, take recommended counselling, and perform 20 hours of community service.

“Mental health is at play here,” Venturi told the court. “This was at a time when Mr. Szilva was not taking medication. That led to impulsivity – a total divergence from the type of person he is. This is an instance where mental health and impulsivity came together and manifested in the charges.”


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