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Apple raises iOS cellular download limit to 200MB

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Chris Velazco/Engadget

Believe it or not, Apple has kept iOS’ cellular download limit to 150MB per app since September 2017 — and that’s a problem when many apps can be larger. The company is changing with the times, though, and has quietly upped the cap to 200MB. And that’s being modest. This should let you download larger apps in practice (9to5Mac believes the ‘real’ app size is around 240MB) due to compression and the omissions of assets your device doesn’t need.

It’s a welcome addition, and could be helpful if you absolutely need an app when you’re away from WiFi. However, it may still be too modest for some. It’s not too hard to find apps for productivity and social networking that top even the unofficial limit (Facebook’s is 260MB), and you can generally forget about many games when they can occupy gigabytes. And like before, there’s no way to override this cap. You’ll have to wait for WiFi to download larger apps even if you have a truly unlimited data plan. While there are likely reasons for this — carriers don’t want customers saturating their networks — it won’t be much fun if you absolutely need an app in a pinch.

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