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Cute pet photos needed – contest will help benefit charity

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Michaela Proulx, a delegate for Miss Universe Canada 2019, with her dog. Supplied

Michaela Proulx, a delegate for Miss Universe Canada 2019, has come up with a unique and innovative way to hold a fundraiser for SOS Children’s Villages – one of the charities affiliated with the contest.

Proulx will charge $5 per entry for someone to send in a photo of one pet, along with the pet’s name.

Proulx, along with a judging panel of volunteers from the pageant (Proulx, herself, was sponsored by Miss North Ontario), will select the winner for the cutest and best photo.

“It’s a prize of being able to feature your pet and have the bragging rights,” Proulx said.

The winner will be featured on a billboard by Bell Park, with a promotion of the SOS Children’s Villages.

A $5 entry will also get you an educational video, like a virtual pamphlet, explaining the charity that you’ve opted to donate to in exchange for the chance to win the contest.

“The main part of this fundraiser is that we want to get information out and educate the public on what our charities do,” Proulx, 20, who is from Markstay and a graduate of Lasalle Secondary School, said.

The SOS Children’s Villages is an international children’s charity that has offered homes to orphaned and abandoned children in 134 countries around the world.

This fundraising contest will be run by email, existing for all of July and possibly the first week of August. Follow the link at

“We have a minimum that we’re supposed to raise,” Proulx said. “But I’m not focusing too much on that. To me, it doesn’t matter if I make it or don’t make it. It’s still money going towards a good cause.”

One of the requirements of being a delegate of Miss Universe Canada is to show their skills and humanitarian efforts. Proulx is one of four Northern Ontario delegates nominated for Miss Universe Canada.

The other three delegates chosen, however, have since decided to not participate in the 2019 Miss Universe Canada.

Proulx said she was ecstatic to be chosen as a delegate.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “I was just doing it for a pastime because for my full-time job, I’m a boilermaker. So, I’m going through my apprenticeship and I’m studying for that, so I just needed something to do on my weekends and my free time. I picked it up because I was scouted and I was looking for something, anyway. The pageantry kind of became my hobby.

“With that, I apparently did so well that she wanted to nominate me for nationals.”

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