GoPro Hero 8 review: A minor redesign with a major pay-off

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Typically, each year’s flagship GoPro touts a marquee feature. In the past, that’s included 4K/30fps video (Hero 4), built-in waterproofing (Hero 5) and really good stabilization (Hero 7). The new Hero 8 Black ($399) does not have a single showstopping feature. Instead, it brings several updates, each of which is good on its own, but together, I think they add up to the sort of big step forward that fans of the brand have been waiting for. There’s actually quite a lot to get through, so we’ll dive right into what’s new.

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  • Practical new design
  • Improved stability
  • Easy to use while maintaining pro features
  • New design renders some accessories obsolete
  • No onboard HDMI port
  • Battery life remains “acceptable”
  • Front-facing display only available with aftermarket accessory


GoPro made something of a comeback with the Hero 7 Black, and the Hero 8 builds on that success. While the core camera remains the same, the whole user experience feels much more refined. Some users will be bummed their filters are no longer compatible, and we’d always appreciate better battery life. Most importantly, the Hero 8 increases the odds of your footage being worth sharing, and that’s what it’s all about.

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