Sony A7R IV review: 61 megapixels of pure camera power

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Sony changed the camera landscape with its popular and powerful A7 and A9 full-frame mirrorless lineup, forcing its rivals to adapt or die. Now that its camera series does have some competition, Sony’s response is the A7R IV, a 61-megapixel camera that trounces its mirrorless rivals in terms of resolution. It’s also loaded with the latest AI-powered eye autofocus (Eye-AF) F image processing, an electronic viewfinder and in-body stabilization technology.

Sony also aimed to please demanding pro users by making the A7R IV tougher and easier to handle than previous models. On paper, this looks like it should be a top pick for anyone looking for a high-resolution camera, especially as it’s reasonably priced against rivals. Now, let’s see if it measures up to that in the field, where it counts.

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  • Fast intelligent autofocus
  • Superb photo quality
  • Effective in-body stabilization
  • Bright and sharp viewfinder
  • Great handling
  • Expensive
  • Mediocre menu system
  • Some rolling shutter in video
  • Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile is one of the worst camera apps


Sony is once again leaving rivals choking on its dust with the high-resolution A7R IV full-frame mirrorless camera. The 61-megapixel resolution is more than any rival model, by far, and image quality is detailed and color accurate. Sony’s AI powered autofocus system is stunningly fast and accurate, and the Eye AF system is by far the best on the market. It’s also got much improved handling and does 4K video well. The drawback, as usual with Sony, is a difficult-to-navigate menu system and rolling shutter in video, though less than before. At $3,500, it’s competitive with rivals in pricing and overall, and it might be the best mirrorless camera ever built.

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