The Washington Post hopes you’ll read articles on your TV

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Lauren Fisher/The Washington Post

You probably retreat to the TV to tune out the day’s news, but the Washington Post is betting that you wouldn’t mind reading on the living room screen. It just launched a version of its app for Apple TV and Fire TV that offer a “highly-visual” way to catch up on world events. You pick stories from a carousel, and articles are displayed in a format that’s easier to read while you’re leaning back on the couch. Naturally, the app takes fuller advantage of your TV when there’s video and other multimedia experiences.

Yes, there’s a good chance you won’t care for this app in the slightest. Few people sit down at their TV hoping to read an in-depth report about the latest political scandal. It does offer an alternative if you’d rather not hold your phone or tablet in your hands, though. And if your vision isn’t the greatest, this could be easier on your eyes than squinting at a mobile device. For that matter, it could be better if you know you’re going to read a piece with a video segment — you won’t have to compromise on picture size (or rotate your devices) just to see footage in its full glory.

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