Arturia’s Analog Lab VST is now just $99

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Arturia has made a name for itself with its reasonably-priced and easy-to-use synths and MIDI keyboards, now it’s offering its popular Analog Lab VST for a bargain price, as well. Reduced to $99 from $199, the virtual studio gives you 6,500 presets, built-in effects, splits, multis and even a live mode, plus a sound store packed with thousands of presets from artists and genres, too.

It’s not quite as robust as the Arturia V collection, but it’s certainly more approachable. If you’re an existing Arturia customer you might even be able to get it for less than $99 if you’re upgrading from Analog Lab Lite, which comes as standard with some of the brand’s entry level MIDI controllers. Jump to it, though, as this limited time offer ends November 3rd.

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