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Toyota Kinto combines leasing, car sharing and other services in Europe

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Toyota wants to evolve from a car-maker to a mobility company. To do that, it’s launching Kinto, a new brand that will provide full-service leasing, car sharing, carpooling and subscription-based leases. Unfortunately, those offerings will only be available in Europe.

Toyota is evaluating other services, like ride-hailing and a multi-modal app, and says it will work with cities, companies and individuals. The full service-leasing, Kinto One, will combine the lease, service and insurance in a single monthly payment. The car sharing service, Kinto Share, will offer hybrid vehicles. The carpooling, Kinto Join, will emphasize the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, and Kinto Flex, the subscription-based car leasing, will offer greater flexibility.

Kinto seems not unlike VW’s Moia, a stand-alone mobility firm that offers services in between mass transit and personal car ownership. Other automakers, including Cadillac, Ford, Porsche, are also evaluating the role they’ll play when consumers move beyond individual car ownership.

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