The Sprout: Trudeau says he’s confident in Canadian health authorities’ coronavirus measures


Good day and welcome to the Sprout, where it’s National Cold Cuts Day. To commemorate the day we would like to throw it back to this Huffington Post ranking of sliced meats.

Here’s Tuesday’s agriculture news.

The Lead

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the risk of the coronavirus to Canadians remains low, but that the federal government will ensure the countries’ health authorities have the adequate resources to respond to a wider outbreak.

Speaking to reporters in Halifax on Tuesday, Trudeau said Canada is following the World Health Organization’s suggested best practices in responding to the global spread of the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus.

“We have full confidence that provincial health authorities will be able to deliver health care services as they are constitutionally mandated to do,” Trudeau said.

There are now 27 cases of COVID-19 in Canada; 18 in Ontario, eight in British Columbia and one in Quebec.

Fear of the possibility of the virus spreading around the globe has flattened markets worldwide. In response, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and his G7 counterparts convened a conference call Tuesday. In a joint statement released on the same day, the finance ministers and central bank governors said they are closely monitoring the impact of the virus on markets and economic conditions. That’s from CBC News.

Around Town

MPs are away from the House on a one week break from sitting this week.

Keystone Agricultural Producers is asking farmers and rural folk to submit their thoughts about rural connectivity, cellular coverage and broadband access in Manitoba. Manitoba Co-operator has more details.

In Canada

The federal government has awarded more than half a million dollars to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) to develop a program to establish a single portal for sustainability sources and to run several pilot projects that support Canadian agriculture sustainability efforts. Bronwynne Wilton, of Wilton Consulting Group, will lead the program on behalf of CFA that she says she hopes will eventually function as a forum where producers and processors can share information. Real Agriculture has more details.


The United Kingdom published its negotiating objectives for a free trade agreement with the U.S. on Monday. The U.K.’s goals include improving agriculture imports and exports, and deepening “economic engagement” with the U.S. in areas including business services and advanced manufacturing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement. As Agri-Pulse reports, the European Union is keen on keeping the U.K. beholden to its agricultural restrictions on biotechnology, growth hormones, ractopamine and peracetic acid rinses, but British officials say they are willing to negotiate.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that the coronavirus epidemic is exacerbating a meat glut in the U.S., forcing cold-storage facilities to remain stuffed with pork, chicken and beef intended for export to markets hit by the outbreak.



The grandfather of an eight-year-old B.C. boy was surprised when his grandson took home a $200 prize pack of pot from a youth hockey tournament.

The boy’s grandfather, Keith Redl, is now questioning if its acceptable to offer cannabis prizes in fundraising raffles. CTV News has more details.

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