Study casts doubt on the chances of life on watery alien planets

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links Carl Court/Getty Images Scientists searching for habitable planets often see the presence of water as a key sign, but they might not want to raise their hopes too high. A recently published study has indicated that there was no clear evidence of extremophiles (life that can survive extreme conditions) in […]

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NASA confirms mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links NASA NASA has been talking for years about sending a probe to Europa, and now it’s locking down those plans. The agency has confirmed the next phase of its Europa Clipper mission, which will send a spacecraft to the Jovian moon to determine if it could support life. The move […]

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Curiosity rover finds gas levels on Mars hinting at possibility of life

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via Getty Images It’s easy to get jaded about potential signs of life on Mars, but a recent discovery might raise eyebrows. The New York Times has learned that NASA’s Curiosity rover has detected “startlingly high” levels of methane — the gas typically produced by life as we know […]

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