Scientists discover water vapor on an exoplanet with a rocky core

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links Boris SV via Getty Images Water vapor is common in gas giants; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all have H2O floating around in their atmospheres. But water on a rocky planet is exceedingly rare, making the discovery of water vapor — and possibly even rain — on the exoplanet K2-18 […]

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NASA’s TESS spacecraft discovers its smallest exoplanet to date

Engadget RSS Feed NASA’s TESS spacecraft is continuing to find ever-smaller planets — and that now includes planets smaller than the human homeworld. The vessel has found a planet in the L 98-59 system, L 98-59b, that’s 80 percent the size of Earth — and 10 percent smaller than TESS’ previous tiniest finding. You won’t […]

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Researchers propose guiding large space telescopes with tiny satellites

Engadget RSS Feed Sirintra Pumsopa via Getty Images Using the recently retired Kepler space telescope, scientists have confirmed thousands of exoplanets, and as its successor TESS ramps up its search, we’re poised to discover plenty more. But once we find exoplanets, learning more detailed information about them requires larger, more powerful space telescopes. These telescopes […]

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