A worldwide material shortage is delaying cassette production

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links Ana Maria Serrano via Getty Images Just when cassette tapes appeared to be making a comeback, a worldwide shortage of gamma ferric oxide has slowed production. National Audio Company (NAC), the largest cassette tape manufacturer in the US, sent a letter to its customers explaining that, due to the shortage, […]

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MIT scientists accidentally create the blackest material ever

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links R. Capanna, A. Berlato, and A. Pinato Good news for goths — black somehow just got even blacker. MIT engineers have cooked up a material that’s 10 times blacker than anything else previously reported. Capturing more than 99.96 percent of any incoming light, the material is made of vertically aligned […]

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Self-healing 3D-printed gel has a future in robots and medicine

Engadget RSS Feed luchschen via Getty Images Robots might be a little more appealing — and more practical — if they’re not made of hard, cold metal or plastic, but of a softer material. Researcher at Brown University believe they’ve developed a new material that could be ideal for “soft robotics.” It’s already demonstrated that […]

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