Paris is testing ‘noise radar’ that will automatically ticket loud cars

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links REUTERS/Charles Platiau Parisians with powerful cars might want to think carefully before showing off their rides. Parts of the city (most recently the suburb of Villeneuve-le-Roi) are testing a “noise radar” system from Bruitparif that can pinpoint loud vehicles and, eventually, ticket them. The system uses four microphones to triangulate […]

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New electric cars in Europe have to make artificial noises

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links Steve Dent/Engadget Don’t be surprised if you hear more of a racket from electric cars in Europe. As of July 1st, new four-wheeled EV models in the European Union require a noise-emitting device (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, or AVAS) that kicks in whenever the vehicle is driving below 19km/h (12MPH). […]

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Sony sneaks out a quieter PS4 Pro

Engadget RSS Feed AOL Unless there are very significant changes involved, updates to gaming consoles are rarely released to any fanfare, silently slipping on to the market with minor tweaks designed to rectify any teething problems associated with that model’s launch. That the latest release of the PS4 Pro was so discreet is fitting, then, […]

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