Amazon’s search could push customers toward in-house products

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links jetcityimage via Getty Images Amazon reportedly tweaked its product-search algorithm to favor products that are more profitable to the company. People who worked on the algorithm say the change could give Amazon’s own brands a boost, The Wall Street Journal reports. If Amazon is intentionally using search to promote its […]

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GameStop to close up to 200 stores

Engadget RSS Feed Sponsored Links SIPA USA/PA Images Just two months after GameStop announced ambitious plans to breathe new life into its stores, the company has announced that between 180 and 200 stores around the world will be closing their doors for good before the year is out — and more closures are coming. The […]

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Tesla’s Model 3 leads it to another profitable quarter

Engadget RSS Feed Roberto Baldwin / Engadget Sometimes it’s best to come out and say things won’t be as good as they were last quarter. That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk did on January 18th and today’s fourth-quarter results are pretty much on par with that post from two weeks ago. Tesla’s 2018 fourth-quarter results […]

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